decorum surface and colour hanging Special offer


Our designs are formed by casting old and antique frames. A silicon form used in the process is able to copy even the finest details, inequalities and structures of any frame. You’re free to choose from several types of designs and ornaments - anything from simple lines to more exquisite plant features. Concrete tends to change them with its colour and structure to a whole new, unique look.


Surface and colour

Concrete mixture has its specific natural brute colour, affected by both the individual components in the mixture but also by any accidental changes that can rarely be estimated and planned, such as lime blossoms caused by drying of water drops on the concrete’s surface. Its colour can be further altered by adding colourants or pigments. The outcome is a soft tinge that plays with the concrete’s natural colour making for an even more interesting combination. It allows you to choose a colour that best compliments your interior.


Very frequent questions are about hanging up the frame because concrete must be ,,so heavy''. Well, it is true, concrete is not like feather and it must be handled according to that. Due to the weight of the frame it is necessary to choose the good way to hang up. Anchor and bolt or hook for each type of wall are useful, thickness of bolt depend on the weight of the frame. This information (weight) is written on each type of the frame. Anchor and bolt are not part of package but you can surely find the good ones at every shop specialized for this type of goods. Hanging of the frame is easy thanks to the hook on the back side which you can change from the vertical to the horizontal position using just a cross-point screwdriver.

Special offer